3 Most Important Puppy Training Routines

05 Dec 2020 12:04

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Everyone loves puppies but sadly most people do not know puppy training a puppy needs to be a happy and well adjusted adult. The first 6 months of a puppy's life is the most crucial to developing a well adjusted, friendly and social adult dog. Puppies start off with a clean slate in the human world and providing vital training for your puppy early in its life will help build good habits quicker and for a life time. But many new puppy owners do not know or understand the 4 most important puppy training aspects they should be teaching their puppy a cute dog names for girls.


1. Socialization: This simply means getting a puppy used to environmental elements. Dogs learn in terms of what's good, bad or what is neutral to the dog. Your goal with proper socialization is to teach your puppy that things are either good or neutral and avoid having the puppy think that something is bad or dangerous to the puppy. This is one of the most important puppy training to do with a puppy. However, it has do be done correctly and at the puppy's comfort level to create a well adjusted dog. Forcing a it too quickly to accept something he/she is scared of could result in confirming the dog's fear and making it stronger and the dog more reactive in its adulthood.

What do you want to get your dog used to?

strange people
children of all ages
people of different races and genders
people wearing hats, sunglasses, hooded clothing, uniforms, carrying packages, costumes…anything that the dog may not encounter under normal circumstances
other dogs, puppies, large dogs, small dogs and dogs of different breed
encountering all these things under different situations and in variety of places.
The more different situations you expose your puppy to and has positive and neutral encounters he/she will be a balanced and friendly adult dog.

2. Bite Inhibition: This type of training teaches your puppy to control the strength of its mouth when they are interacting with humans. Puppies learn this naturally when engaging in play with other puppies and dogs but human skin is a lot more delicate and they need to be taught how to control their mouths when playing with humans.

New owners should practice this with their puppies.

To train puppies to be delicate with human skin every time your puppy bites down on your hand during play make a high pitched "Ouch!" and quickly end play and walk away from the dog.

Eventually it will learn that if they bite down even slightly on human skin they will lose your attention and their play partner and will learn to control his/her mouth in order to continue interacting with humans. Set your standards low at the beginning where you puppy may bite down pretty firmly and then work down slowly to a more delicate pressure.

Note, at no time should children be allowed to do this type of training. Children should be allowed to play with the puppy only when the puppy has developed a soft mouth to protect both the puppy and child for unique dog names for girls.

3. Heandability: Teaching your puppy that being touched and handled by people other than his/her family members is OK is crucial in preventing serious dog bites and could save your dog's life.

Dogs are not born with the need or the desire to be touched by people. By nature they don't like being touched. But often they learn that being touched and petted by humans feels good and learn to enjoy physical attention and even solicit it from people.

However, if puppies are not taught to enjoy human touch from a young age they may grow up into adults who can snap and bite when a person tries to touch them. Often many dog bites occur because a person tried petting a dog that did not want the attention, children are often victims of these bites.

It is important to start teaching your puppy to be handled by humans. Start teaching him or her to enjoy petting from adults and children. As well as being touched on all the parts of its body. For example, like a veterinarian exam.


Also play with the puppies nails and teeth so that he/she gets used to having people clipping their nails and brushing their teeth. This way routine grooming will be easier and more enjoyable to you and your puppy. This will prevent dog from ever snapping at a groomer.

Make sure your puppy gets experiences of being grabbed by its the collar, just like he/she would if it ever got lose and someone tried to catch it. Be sure to always treat your dog with the best treats you can give them, usually freeze dried liver treats work best.

Doing these 3 crucial puppy training routines with your new puppy daily throughout its life time will ensure that he/she will grow into a well adjusted adult and prevent any potential injuries to people and to your puppy.

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